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Out of 228 cities and 18,516 towns, The Woodlands, TX community was recently awarded the number 1 spot on’s “2021 Best Place to Live” list. The area won this coveted spot due to its array of gorgeous parks and natural surroundings, as well as the plethora of opportunities available in the commercial and retail sectors. Both of these factors help to evoke great community pride throughout The Woodlands, TX area.

Pie in the Sky Pie Co. welcomes customers from across the area. Our pie shop and cafe is just over thirteen miles from The Woodlands, which is under a twenty-minute drive! Our breakfast and lunch restaurant is a perfect place to meet up with family and friends!

Satisfying Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch Restaurant Options for The Woodlands, TX Area!

Visit us Monday through Sunday to explore our amazing menu. Pie in the Sky takes pride in our food options, providing an amazing taste while also supporting those who would like vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-sensitive and keto-friendly options along with nut-free food options. Visit us today for an amazing dining experience close to The Woodlands, TX area!

Support a Local Bakery

Pie in the Sky Co. offers all of your favorite baked goods and sweet treats from our inviting, locally-owned establishment. Whether you’re stopping in for brunch or looking for someone to cater an event, supporting a local bakery is always the best option.

The Freshest Selection
Professional bakers have years of experience and access to the finest ingredients to create incredible baked goods that simply cannot be replicated at home. We source our ingredients from the best vendors on the market to create truly out-of-this-world treats.

Finding Fellowship and Connection
Gathering and making connections is a vital part of the human experience. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone event or simply looking for a pleasant way to pass an afternoon with someone special, a delicious menu from a local bakery is a simple and effective way to mark the occasion and bring smiles to faces. Even during difficult times, anyone can find a warm welcome at our local bakery and cafe. We are a breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant.

Giving Back to the Community
Bakeries are truly the heart of any community. Important events and memories are always made better with baked goods, so any local bakery will inevitably become integral to the community’s interests. No matter what the cause might be, local bakers go above and beyond to serve their neighbors’ needs.

Visit Pie in the Sky Co. today to see what makes us stand out!

Visit Our Pie Shop & Bakery Cafe today!

Are you looking for a cute place to enjoy a meal with friends? Do you want to give the gift of pie to a loved one? Are you looking for a fundraiser that will appeal to the masses? Choose Pie in the Sky Pie Co! While we specialize in unique and delectable pies, we also offer a variety of other tasty food options. In addition, we offer catering that can be customized to suit your celebration's needs.

Next time you are looking for a breakfast restaurant or brunch restaurant, stop by Pie in the Sky Pie Co! For more information about our products, bakery cafe, or services, please don't hesitate to contact us today! Our local bakery and pie shop proudly serves customers throughout The Woodlands, TX area.

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